LUSH Sustainable Label Design

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LUSH is one of the most popular cosmetic companies against animal testing.  LUSH believes in protecting people, animals, and the planet. The company has promised to reduce its environmental footprints by using 1. renewable energy, 2. sustainable sourcing, 3. reducing carbon emission, and 4. using 100% recyclable plastic.

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Research & Sketch


Before sketching out the idea, I did some researches on LUSH's sustainable policies. LUSH has one unique "company culture" that varies from most of the other cosmetics companies, the policy that Against animal testing. To be more sustainable, LUSH is currently implementing the following policies:

  • Using renewable energy produced by nature such as wind
  • Using sustainable green sourcing 
  • Saving energy and reducing carbon emissions by reducing the packages
  • Using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic - polypropylene and paper for packaging

In the sketch, reading from a clockwise direction, you can see each policy is shown visually. I didn't include any number in the design because graphics tend to grab people's attention faster. If people want to know more about LUSH's sustainable policies, all the information are available online. The purpose of this label design to catch consumers' attention. 

Initial Idea for Icon

light old

From the left to the right, renewable energy, sustainable green sourcing, reducing carbon, and recyclable No.5 plastic, these are the icons that I designed to represent the environmental policies. 



heart (old)


Fighting Animal Testing

Lush Sustainable Label ver.1

Here is the first high fidelity design. I chose the color black #000000 to match the original package design.

  • The color red #C1272D to emphasize the cruelty of animal testing.
  • The color green #002511and #334036 to echo with the policy of using green and sustainable sourcing. 
  • The color yellow #FFFF00 being the color of sunshine, representing the renewable energy 
  • The color gray#B3B3B3 represents the emission of coal dark carbon dioxide gas and other harmful greenhouse gases (the pointing down error = Reduction)